Halloween/general fall obsession DIY inspiration post

Fall is my favorite season. I just feel so much more energized when the air is cool and crisp. I love being able to bring out all my chunky sweaters again, and usual season colors like mustard and navy and orange and cognac put me in a great mood. By the middle of September I usually can’t bear it any longer. Even though it’s almost always still hot as hell at that point, I whip out the pumpkin spice candle, decorate the heck out of the den and kitchen and check the trees for signs of color change.

I’ve ┬ádone without decorations for my room or a bit (well, I have some Christmas lights), but I’m ready to start up a proper collection. And as my finances are currently rather laughable, I thought I’d try some super easy DIY ones. These will be in the works! (Photos to come when it gets a smidge closer to Halloween.)

1. The ghost garland. I plan to take down the flowers I have above my full-length mirror and put these up instead.


2. Bats. (There are several Halloween templates if you follow that link!) I want to do this and a paper silhouette of a big crow over the main mirror in my room. Maybe not quite that many, though…


3. This one I’m not sure if I’m doing yet, but it looks cool. It’s trash bag spider webs.



You can also just grab a handful of fall leaves and decorate with them. I plan on scattering some over my dresser. Maybe a clear glass bowl full of them in the bathroom. Do we have Halloween hand towels? Hm…

I will also be baking my ass off. We have a massive pecan tree in our backyard, and I use them in in my pecan pies that are way better than any store ones because cream cheese. Yes. Maybe I’ll post the recipe later on! Damn it, New Orleans, show some hustle. I need autumn!