“Good evening, everyone. Yes, we’re back again.”

SO! Awkwardly long time, no post. Various events have conspired to keep me from blogging, including Hurricane Isaac, my work schedule, picking up a weekly babysitting gig, and rediscovering NBC’s Community. Joel McHale, y’all. Joel McHale and his horribly fine abs.  Lordhavemercy.  *fans self* And I went to Oak Alley Plantation with my mom.

Gawjuss. Even on a gray, rainy day.

But I feel like I have a lot to say this time, so you may want to grab yourself a beverage or somethin’.

I haven’t thrifted much lately, although a trip may be in the cards for Friday, depending on my schedule.  And paycheck. Which will definitely be on the larger side. Holla!! However, today being a poor day, I finally reorganized my bookcase. I did it by color, and I think it looks beautiful.

Step one: I have a problem.

What isn’t beautiful right now is my floor. I couldn’t fit a lot of books onto my bookcase, even after deciding to get rid of about 30 books. So they’re in a big pile by my bed. I tried to work some of the bigger, nicer-looking ones into my dresser display. I can’t decide if I like it enough to keep it that way, though. Thoughts?

Yes or no to the books in the middle?

Hm, what else. Oh, here’s what I did in my room for Halloween decorations! I made those felt bats and the bird silhouette myself, and my friend Angie from La Divina Vita gave me the orange Mexican blanket on my bed. Perfect timing for fall, and super cozy!



Do pardon the hastily made bed.

I’m going to have some DIYs coming up soon! I’ve sort of started two different ones, so it’s just down to which I have time/motivation to finish first! One’s a clutch and one is a customized sweatshirt. I am nerdily excited about both of them :B

Random: I’m listing up some of my latest jams. If you’ve got a new fave, let me know what it is! I’m always looking for new stuff.

  • Zebra” by The John Butler Trio (JBT=NEW. OBSESSION.)
  • Jobb” by Afasi & Filthy (Be forewarned–it’s Swedish hip-hop)
  • Comes and Goes” by Greg Laswell
  • Love” by Globetroddas
  • Skinny Love” covered by Meghan Tonjes on Youtube. No idea why she’s not famous.
  • Sweet Transvestite” from TRHPS. We have watched this movie at work three times this week. Stuck. In. Head. Also, I love Tim Curry long time.

Let’s end on a laugh, yes? Here’s the awkward Cheeto I got the other day…