DIY: Foot scrub

So I really can’t spend money right now, which means no thrifting for me. Sad face. But! That means I get to focus in on DIY projects. I went through my DIY chest thing yesterday and organized all my projects. I have a lot of randomness, like pillows to make, shorts to make from pants or dresses, hems to finish…I just need to make sure I’m feeling motivated when I start my projects or else they end up laying around my room half-finished. Not good. But tonight I’m not really feeling like sewing, so I thought I’d do some home beauty goodness.

Chest o’ projects

In high school, my best friend and I were totally obsessed with all that DIY beauty stuff. We used to have spa days (we still do occasionally) where we’d take out the foot bath and give each other mani/pedis and do facials and read magazines and chat. It was flipping awesome. Now that she goes to law school in another city and I’m on the job hunt, it’s tricky to find the time to do them. So I started doing my own at home in the meantime.

One of my favorites is a really simple foot scrub. All you need is sugar and honey mixed up in a little bowl. You can add cinnamon if you want it to smell extra nice. I don’t measure it out or anything, because any excess can just be used on other rough patches like elbows or knees, or even your legs.

Le scrub

This could also be adapted for your face, but make sure you switch out the sugar for baking soda instead. Sugar granules are much bigger, and you risk tearing the pores on your face if you use that. I keep a little jar of baking soda in my bathroom cabinet to add to my face wash as an exfoliator once a week.

Yeah, I love me some beauty DIYs, so there will be more of these forthcoming. Hope you are all having a lovely day :]


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