“Good evening, everyone. Yes, we’re back again.”

SO! Awkwardly long time, no post. Various events have conspired to keep me from blogging, including Hurricane Isaac, my work schedule, picking up a weekly babysitting gig, and rediscovering NBC’s Community. Joel McHale, y’all. Joel McHale and his horribly fine abs.  Lordhavemercy.  *fans self* And I went to Oak Alley Plantation with my mom.

Gawjuss. Even on a gray, rainy day.

But I feel like I have a lot to say this time, so you may want to grab yourself a beverage or somethin’.

I haven’t thrifted much lately, although a trip may be in the cards for Friday, depending on my schedule.  And paycheck. Which will definitely be on the larger side. Holla!! However, today being a poor day, I finally reorganized my bookcase. I did it by color, and I think it looks beautiful.

Step one: I have a problem.

What isn’t beautiful right now is my floor. I couldn’t fit a lot of books onto my bookcase, even after deciding to get rid of about 30 books. So they’re in a big pile by my bed. I tried to work some of the bigger, nicer-looking ones into my dresser display. I can’t decide if I like it enough to keep it that way, though. Thoughts?

Yes or no to the books in the middle?

Hm, what else. Oh, here’s what I did in my room for Halloween decorations! I made those felt bats and the bird silhouette myself, and my friend Angie from La Divina Vita gave me the orange Mexican blanket on my bed. Perfect timing for fall, and super cozy!



Do pardon the hastily made bed.

I’m going to have some DIYs coming up soon! I’ve sort of started two different ones, so it’s just down to which I have time/motivation to finish first! One’s a clutch and one is a customized sweatshirt. I am nerdily excited about both of them :B

Random: I’m listing up some of my latest jams. If you’ve got a new fave, let me know what it is! I’m always looking for new stuff.

  • Zebra” by The John Butler Trio (JBT=NEW. OBSESSION.)
  • Jobb” by Afasi & Filthy (Be forewarned–it’s Swedish hip-hop)
  • Comes and Goes” by Greg Laswell
  • Love” by Globetroddas
  • Skinny Love” covered by Meghan Tonjes on Youtube. No idea why she’s not famous.
  • Sweet Transvestite” from TRHPS. We have watched this movie at work three times this week. Stuck. In. Head. Also, I love Tim Curry long time.

Let’s end on a laugh, yes? Here’s the awkward Cheeto I got the other day…



Oops, I did it again…

I thrifted. :X

Went to Goodwill because I wanted some sweaters. So I got some sweaters. And other assorted randomness. Haha I wanted to get some sweaters that I know I’ll wear for years, regardless of trends, and I’d say mission accomplished. I think I did pretty darn well with money too, because the total was only around $26 for all of this. Holla.

Yeah. Awesome sauce. Also I keep craving coffee but I’m having coffee tomorrow with a friend, so I’m trying to behave. So I got a stuffed snoball from Casey’s instead. Ran me $1.75. Feeling vaguely virtuous for successful coffee avoidance, which is stupid because of how unhealthy this is. But whatever. More squats for me.

So I should go to bed because I have lovely work in the morning. I’m going to try to do a post on a DIY or something later this week. 😀

Halloween/general fall obsession DIY inspiration post

Fall is my favorite season. I just feel so much more energized when the air is cool and crisp. I love being able to bring out all my chunky sweaters again, and usual season colors like mustard and navy and orange and cognac put me in a great mood. By the middle of September I usually can’t bear it any longer. Even though it’s almost always still hot as hell at that point, I whip out the pumpkin spice candle, decorate the heck out of the den and kitchen and check the trees for signs of color change.

I’ve  done without decorations for my room or a bit (well, I have some Christmas lights), but I’m ready to start up a proper collection. And as my finances are currently rather laughable, I thought I’d try some super easy DIY ones. These will be in the works! (Photos to come when it gets a smidge closer to Halloween.)

1. The ghost garland. I plan to take down the flowers I have above my full-length mirror and put these up instead.


2. Bats. (There are several Halloween templates if you follow that link!) I want to do this and a paper silhouette of a big crow over the main mirror in my room. Maybe not quite that many, though…


3. This one I’m not sure if I’m doing yet, but it looks cool. It’s trash bag spider webs.



You can also just grab a handful of fall leaves and decorate with them. I plan on scattering some over my dresser. Maybe a clear glass bowl full of them in the bathroom. Do we have Halloween hand towels? Hm…

I will also be baking my ass off. We have a massive pecan tree in our backyard, and I use them in in my pecan pies that are way better than any store ones because cream cheese. Yes. Maybe I’ll post the recipe later on! Damn it, New Orleans, show some hustle. I need autumn!

How to thrift

When I mention that I got something from a thrift store, a common response is, “I never find that kind of stuff!” That’s probably because you’re doing it wrong. But we can fix that real quick.

Before you even make it to the thrift store you’re going to, you should know two things:

1. Does it have a dressing room?

2. How can I pay?

If the place doesn’t have a dressing room, wear an outfit that will let you try on over your clothes. I usually go for a tank top, leggings, and flip flops. I’m generally not a fan of the leggings-as-pants trend, but it’s a big help when there’s no place to try on except in front of God and everybody at the Red White and Blue.

You definitely need to know how you can pay. Some places are cash only, so be prepared. Others will let you use a check or card.

So now you’re dressed and you know how you’re going to part ways with your money. Here are some more tips to help you make the most of the store.

  • I try to go with things I know I need in mind. It’s still fun to just shop aimlessly, and I pretty much always leave with something(s) not on my list. Be flexible, but know your needs. It helps curb extra spending, which I really have a problem with.
  • Speaking of extra spending, I always try to set myself a budget before I go into the store. It’s usually around $30, but it depends on how much my bank balance sucks at the time.
  • Try that shit on. Don’t just assume it will work, because most thrift places don’t do any kind of returns, so you’ll be stuck with a waste of money. This also applies to shoes. Do a lap of the store in them before you buy.
  • Get out of your section. Go see what’s up in men’s, or if you’re really petite, the children’s section. I find that the men’s section is always a gold mine of great tees and comfy oversize sweaters.
  • If you love the print or some other part of a garment, but it won’t work for you in its present state, get creative. You don’t like maxi skirts? Chop ’em off at the knee. Like the color but not the cut of some pants? Get out the scissors and you’ve got yourself some new shorts. Vest looking too plain? Get a pack of studs off Ebay and get to it. Nice dresser, bad paint job? Get your butt to the paint store. Nifty print on a big sheet? Wash it and make some pillows. The point? Don’t be limited by what’s on the hanger.
  • Check thoroughly for flaws. Count the buttons. Look for snags, stains, rips, holes, discoloration, or signs of fabric wearing thin. Check for sweat stains on white shirts especially. Test every zipper and examine every hem. If you have another person with you, have them look over your things too, just in case.
  • Be real with yourself. If you love it, but it just doesn’t fit right, don’t get it. Don’t do the whole “Well I’ll just lose five pounds and then it will be perfect” game.
  • Call ahead and see what days the store does special deals. Most have some variation of “50 percent off these colored tags,” or “25 percent off everything in the store on Wednesdays.” Plan accordingly. Also, as with the mall, stores are more crowded on the weekends.
  • Go slow. Never go when you have to be somewhere else in an hour. Look at everything on the racks you’re interested in. At first glance, it all looks like a bunch of junk shoved in there together. Take the time to find the gems. They exist.
  • Win at life.

DIY: Foot scrub

So I really can’t spend money right now, which means no thrifting for me. Sad face. But! That means I get to focus in on DIY projects. I went through my DIY chest thing yesterday and organized all my projects. I have a lot of randomness, like pillows to make, shorts to make from pants or dresses, hems to finish…I just need to make sure I’m feeling motivated when I start my projects or else they end up laying around my room half-finished. Not good. But tonight I’m not really feeling like sewing, so I thought I’d do some home beauty goodness.

Chest o’ projects

In high school, my best friend and I were totally obsessed with all that DIY beauty stuff. We used to have spa days (we still do occasionally) where we’d take out the foot bath and give each other mani/pedis and do facials and read magazines and chat. It was flipping awesome. Now that she goes to law school in another city and I’m on the job hunt, it’s tricky to find the time to do them. So I started doing my own at home in the meantime.

One of my favorites is a really simple foot scrub. All you need is sugar and honey mixed up in a little bowl. You can add cinnamon if you want it to smell extra nice. I don’t measure it out or anything, because any excess can just be used on other rough patches like elbows or knees, or even your legs.

Le scrub

This could also be adapted for your face, but make sure you switch out the sugar for baking soda instead. Sugar granules are much bigger, and you risk tearing the pores on your face if you use that. I keep a little jar of baking soda in my bathroom cabinet to add to my face wash as an exfoliator once a week.

Yeah, I love me some beauty DIYs, so there will be more of these forthcoming. Hope you are all having a lovely day :]


This blog is basically about my attempts to dress myself in an affordable way. I just graduated from a rather expensive university in New Orleans, and I ain’t gots no mo’ money. That means I mostly shop thrift stores, with the occasional cheeky retail purchase or online order thrown in there. Until I make it as a big-time magazine journalist and/or copy chief, that’s about as good as it’s gonna get.

So now that we’ve got that established, I thought I’d do a post of a few things I got recently while thrifting. Maybe that’ll help you see what kind of stuff I like. But probably not, since I like a lot of everything, haha! Best part? Everything was under $5. Aaaawww yeah.